Sikkerhetskonferansen 2016

Tactical Response

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About me

Frode Hommedal

Subject Matter Lead at Telenor CERT.
7 years at the national CERT — NorCERT.
Background from HW/SW dev and QA.

I think a lot about models and methodologies.

The topic of this talk


A model to help you prepare, plan and execute your
tactical engagement of adversaries during incidents.

Why this topic?

Because we are being seriously
outperformed by our adversaries

We have actually had to conclude that we are (still) unable
to design, deploy and operate IT infrastructure securely.

How will it help?

It will sustain a more active cyber defense program

At the moment we are too often just cleaning up after cyber intrusions,
instead of trying to actively engage the adversaries as intrusions unfold.

John Boyd and the OODA Loop

Taking the initiative

Obviously related to all decision making

Tailored for kinetic combat, but relevant for most
time constrained actions in an adversarial context.

Now let's apply it to incident response

WARNING: Brace for impact...

(Dense illustration ahead)

Engaging your adversaries with


Attackers want

accass to information and
control over capabilities

We want

to limit the risk exposure and
damage to our organizations
from our adversaries' operations


have three main foothold perspectives

We as defenders

have five main footprint perspectives

If you can make this happen
you may eventually learn to
outperform your adversaries


Want more models? Not a problem.