Frode Hommedal

Infosec Professional

Hi. My name is Frode Hommedal. Amongst other things, I'm an infosec professional. This page is your guide on how to find me at various social media out there in the vastness of cyberspace, and to find some of the content I've decided to put online.

Getting in touch

If you're interested in learning more about my goals, experience and career you can visit my LinkedIn profile. To learn more about what's on my mind, you can tap into my Twitter feed.

If you're photographically inclined, you can visit my Instagram page for some photos I've taken myself, or my Pinterest board for images I've found educational or funny.

If you want to shoot me an email, my PGP public key can be found here. When prompted for a password, type «clean».

Articles and essays

I've commented on the Dragonfly espionage campaing in an article called Dance like a Dragonfly, sting like a Bear. It is also available on LinkedIn.

I've also written an essay on anticipating espionage, called See it coming: The Four M's of Espionage. That is also available on LinkedIn.

In another essay, currently only hosted on LinkedIn, I've addressed the topic of our adversaries' target development process. It's called Don’t act so surprised – You were always an obvious target.

And if you're into models and methods, I have put together a 200+ slides long Reveal.js presentation called Incident reponse: Taking CSIRT modeling to the next level, which illustrates some key methods and processes I believe is necessary for a high functioning CSIRT.

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