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About me

My name is Frode Hommedal and I am a Norwegian security professional. This is my personal website, and I primarily use it as a portefolio to showcase some of the work I've created over the years.

Hopefully some of it can be useful to you.

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My company

Since 2022 I've also run my own company, Amplio Group AS. Through Amplio I consult for customers in both the public and private sector on anything cybersecurity, both in Norway and abroad. My area of expertise is threat intelligence, security monitoring and incident response, but I take on a wide variety of projects, as long as they require a solid understanding of threats, technology and cybersecurity.

If you are interested in hiring me for a project, please check out my company website, Amplio.co.

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My work

Over the last decade or so I have occasionally published material on cybersecurity, especially on intelligence, security monitoring and incident response. Some of it still seems to be useful for people so I am leaving it here for your reference. Feel free to reach out via my company website if you would like me to come present at an event or help your company deal with your cybersecurity challenges.

Some of presentations and articles can be found here.
Others can be found on LinkedIn, Slideshare and Youtube.

My online presence

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I use LinkedIn as a community discovery and engagement platform, so if our communities or area of expertise overlap feel free to reach out.

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Over the years I have given quite a few talks. Some of them at public conferences. For some of them I have published my slides at Slideshare. Check it out.

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I haven't recorded a lot of videos for public release, but I do have a couple of videos on Youtube. Let me know what you think.

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I am not a prolific developer, and most of my repos are private, but I do have a Github account and one day I may publish more here.

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I used to be active on #infosec Twitter, but since February 24th 2022 it has all been about supporting Ukraine and fighting Russian disinformation.

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I am a pretty active hobby photographer. Most pictures never make it to the public, but when they occasionally do they end up on my Instagram account.